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On this page, you will find resources applying to the Doctrine of Discovery (Doctrine).  Some specifically reference the term Doctrine of Discovery.  Many resources speak to historical injustices perpetrated on people of color by White governments and institutional structures; most all of these arise out of privilege and subjugation arising from the Doctrine of Discover.

Books on the Doctrine of Discovery

From an American Indian Perspective:

God is Red: A Native View of Religion, by Vine Deloria Jr.
Missionary Conquest: The Gospel and Native American Cultural Genocide,
by George E. Tinker.
Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, by Steven T. Newcomb.
Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny, by Robert J. Miller and Elizabeth Furse.
Discovering Indigenous Lands: The Doctrine of Discovery in the English Colonies. By Robert J. Miller, Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt and Tracey Lindberg.
Theraputic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights (Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies). By Dian Million
The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization, and Resistance, Edited by M. Annette Jaimes.
Romanus Pontifex or Discovery Doctrine:
Gold and Genocide, The True Story of the California Gold Rush
The Daily Republican, September 24, 1883, Winona, Minnesota
Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Inaugural Address, (1805) 1743 – 1826
President Andrew Jackson’s message to Congress, (Indian Removal Act of 1830) 1767 – 1845
President James K. Polk, Inaugural Address, 1844
National Congress of American Indians Resolution, September 13, 2007

From a Person of Color Perspective:

Room at the Table: Struggle for Unity and Equality in Disciple History, Sandhya Jha.
The Cost of Unity: African-American Agency and Education in the Christian Church, 1865-1914, by Lawrence A.Q. Burnley.

From an Anti-Racist Perspective:

Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment, by Leticia Nieto.
Born Apart, Becoming One: Disciples Defeating Racism
: by William Chris Hobgood.
Understanding & Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America, by Joseph Barndt.

Click Here for An Annotated Bibliography of many of these books and a few others…

Resolutions and Decisions concerning the Doctrine of Discovery

Find the Disciples of Christ call to Research and Reflection at:
DOC Resolution GA-1324

The Doctrine Of Discovery
Use this website to find documents and resolutions pertaining to the DoD.

*Episcopal Church: Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery
*United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
* Johnson vs. McIntosh: March 10, 1823
* The Monroe Doctrine: December 2, 1823
* The Bull Inter Caetera (Alexander VI): May 4, 1493
* Quaker Indian Committee disavows Doctrine of Discovery, affirms Declaration
Quaker Disavowal of the Doctrine of Discovery

World Council of Churches Statement on the DOD at:

Find the Unitarian Universalist Association repudiation of the DoD at:
And search for “Doctrine of Discovery.”

Find the United Church of Christ repudiation of the DOD at:

Find the Leadership Conference of Women Religious call to the Pope for repudiation of the DOD at:

Find Link to Denominational Statements

Find the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) repudiation of the DOD at:


“The Doctrine of Discovery: In the Name of Christ”
This 43-minute documentary has three parts:

History of the Doctrine of Discovery and its basis in Christian theology and scripture
Living the Doctrine of Discovery (starting at 20:21)
Undoing the Doctrine of Discovery (starting at 29:50)

The Doctrine of Discovery unmasking The Code Domination

Visit the above site to arrange a showing in your community.

What Is The Doctrine of Discovery?
This video is one consideration on understanding the Doctrine of Discovery

Study Resources

United Methodist Church: Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships
Walking the Trail of Repentance & Healing with Indigenous Persons

United Church of Christ
UCC Doctrine of Discovery Resources

Lakota People’s Law Project Reports
Law Project Reports

Mennonite: Anabaptist movement
Dismantling The Doctrine of Discovery

Disciple Of Christ-Landscape Mending
Landscape Mending Resource Manual

1987 Northwest Disciples Apology to Northwest Tribes

I Pledge Allegiance: Examining The Doctrine of Discover
In Light of the Realm of God

Presentation Resources

PowerPoint Presentation for Trained Presenters

If you have questions or comments please contact:
David Bell or


2 thoughts on “DoD Resources


    “The question is no longer whether the Doctrine of Discovery as it is still being perpetuated in policy and practice across the hemisphere is valid. That question has been answered, definitively and finally. There is no moral, legal, or cultural presentation that can legitimately  argue that the theory of the Divine Right of Kings, which spawned the Doctrine of Discovery by Christendom, can hold any validity in a democratic society. What is in question now, is on what side of history will each of us as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations and as Human Beings stand. Will we stand up in continental uprising to DISMANTLE the DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY, or will we comply with the dehumanizing regimes of state sanctioned genocide and colonization that continue to prop up the racist relics and psychological pathogens of the European American project of colonization known as America?”

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