Robert Miller’s New Article—Consultation or Consent: The United States Duty to Confer with American Indian Governments


Robert Miller the Winter Talk 2016 keynote speaker has just release a new article:

Consultation or Consent: The United States Duty to Confer with American Indian Governments

You can download it here:
Bob Miller–Consultation or Consent

Robert Miller is Faculty Director, Rosette LLP, American Indian Economic Development Program at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.  After reading this paper I am sure you will find good reason to attend Winter Talk 2016 in Tulsa this coming January.  The Landscape Mending Council feels blessed to have Robert Miller with us for this important and engaging work concerning the Doctrine of Discovery.

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Why Anti in Anti-Racism and The All in #BlackLives Matter

Ridged Valley Reflections

15.09.27 Artist Renda Writer. Photo: Huffington Post

September 27, 2015

September and October are months of anti-racism workshops. That is not the case every year, but this year they have been months of engaging, wondering, and thoughtful conversation. I find facilitating these workshops has changed over the last fifteen years. Years ago, folk showed up to engage in this wok because this is something I am supposed to do (and in some cases, they were required to by their organization). Today more folks show up because this work really matters to me and the wellbeing of my neighbors of color and my children.

Some of that change is due to the visceral gut—somethings got to change—that has permeated much of US society since Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown. Events over the course of this last year have led many folks to conclude the civil rights movement…

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