How Do We Talk About Our Unpeopling A People?

Ridged Valley Reflections


February 15, 2015

Last fall I came across an article about a partnership between Disciples Center for Public Justice (Center) and Disciple Home Ministries (DHM). In this article the author wrote,

This…ministry deals with such diverse issues and concerns as criminal justice reform, human trafficking, gun violence, capital punishment, and the rights of Native Americans in the United States and First Nations in Canada.

My first read through I wanted to say, great! Second read though had me saying, again? Fair enough, I read church articles through a pair of glasses with one anti-racist lens and one Christian Doctrine of Discovery lens. Sometimes they have trouble focusing, but sometimes they lead to a question or comment.

This time, the again led to comment. I find the above sentence problematic because the author created a list of items. I have no problem with the first four items, “criminal justice…

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